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  GOINGO  FLOW  CO., LTD is located in Huzhou South Taihu Lake High-tech Industrial Park, covers an area of about 6,000 square meters. We are committed to providing two-phase flow of intelligent transmission and processing of the overall solution designed to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing materials processing, reduce environmental pollution, service the country "Made in China 2025" development strategy.  

      We are committed to the development and manufacture of process automation systems, mainly for chemical, new energy, food, pharmaceutical and other key industries, to provide powder and fluid transport, mixing, reaction, cleaning and a series Process complete sets of equipment.


GOINGO  FLOW  CO., LTD  is an intelligent equipment manufacturing company integrated system design, process optimization, complete sets of equipment and engineering installation. 


- Container loading and unloading system

- Powder discharging equipment (small bag unloader, bulk bag unloader, automatic bag unloader, etc.,)

- Powder conveying equipment

- Automatic feeding system

- Two-phase flow and fluid conveying system

- Pipeline cleaning system.

Applied Industries 

- Petroleum                  - Chemical              - Fine chemical          - Rubber                   - New energy       - Non-ferrous metals

- Building materials     - Logistics center    - Pharmaceutical       - Food                      - Other industries

Our products are thorughtout

- China        - India        - Thailand        - Australia        - Russia        - Other countries

Techical Team      

We have a strong technical team which is composed of more than 20 technical engineers who are proficient in gas-solid two-phase flow or liquid-solid two-phase flow. Most of them have many years experience in the two-phase flow equipment industry. Our field engineer team also has extensive experience in engineering installation and equipment manufacturing.       


We are well equipped with the most advanced facilities such as large laser cutting machine, shearing machine, bending machine, surface grinding machine and machining center.


GOINGO FLOW CO., LTD. is located in Huzhou South Taihu Lake High-tech Industrial Park, specializing in modern logistics equipment and accessories R & D, manufacturing and sales.

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