Factory Introduction
Focus on the quality of achievement

  GOINGO FLOW CO,.LTD is committed to the development and production of intelligent piping systems for powder, liquid materials and solid-liquid two-phase flow. It aims to serve the "China-made 2025" national strategy to improve the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy and power And other industries, including manufacturing production efficiency, improve the manufacturing environment, reduce air pollution, improve the well-being of workers. Enterprises adhering to the "promote efficiency, environmental protection," the values to independent innovation as the basis, join hands with suppliers, customers and industry chain upstream and downstream industry strategic partners work together to strive to become China's bulk and liquid intelligent pipeline transportation technology leader , To enhance the international image of China's manufacturing industry, help Chinese enterprises in the post-population dividend era to the quality and efficiency of the new stable competitive advantage.

GOINGO FLOW CO., LTD. is located in Huzhou South Taihu Lake High-tech Industrial Park, specializing in modern logistics equipment and accessories R & D, manufacturing and sales.

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