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Application of pneumatic conveying in new energy of lithium battery industry

Time:2018-05-11 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

pneumatic conveying

We all know that pneumatic conveying equipment is widely used nowadays, so the competition among various manufacturers is also relatively large. In the previous article, Xiao Bian talked about the application of pneumatic conveying in alumina transportation. Today, the pneumatic conveying is Lithium battery industry new energy applications.

Since the country recognized the importance of environmental protection for human life, it has begun to vigorously develop new energy industries. Therefore, new energy projects have become more and more eye-catching, and lithium-electronics production capacity has been increasing, and it will soon usher in vigorous development. Lithium battery anode materials are mostly micron-sized powder materials and tend to be finer. The pneumatic transport just meets the needs of the lithium electronics industry.

Advantages in lithium battery anode material production:

1. Improve production efficiency, reduce human factors, and efficiency will naturally increase substantially.

2. Improve product quality, reduce human factors and improve product stability.

3. Confined pipeline transportation, closed production, making dust impossible.

4. When dust is reduced, natural production increases and productivity increases.

5. To reduce the number of workers, it is now difficult to recruit workers, plagued material manufacturers, labor costs have also increased year by year, and machine replacement is also a historical trend, imperative.

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