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What are the main advantages of powder conveyor?

Time:2018-08-07 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

         Powder conveying is completely different from other common belt conveyors. Belt conveyors transport goods along smooth paths, so belt conveyors are not suitable for conveying powder or small particle materials. For powder and other small particle materials, special powder conveying equipment is needed to transport them.

Usually, the plant will use a pneumatic conveyor to transfer powder from one place to another. Powder conveying equipment adopts vibration to move powder along the production line. Simple vibrations make the material flow smoothly and help to measure the amount of powder or material needed for the next stage of production.

Conveyors have special chutes to move powdery materials from one place to another. The conveyor shakes gently and powders to prevent it from sticking in one place. Various types of powder conveyors are used in different industries. Some industries use vibration conveyors to transfer materials to another container. Other factories use slate-type conveyors to empty materials to the next stage of production when their weight reaches a predetermined value.

Powder of vibrating conveyer is moving materials from one location to another location in the ideal, is also the ideal choice for measurement and selection system, no rotating parts, other conveyor prevent plugging material conveyor, and reduce the loss caused by the waste material, clearly show powder conveying and other equipment of the two main advantages.

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