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Pneumatic conveying device positive pressure conveying pump action is amazing

Time:2018-10-29 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

Pneumatic conveying device is popular with users in the market, mainly used for large-scale powder conveying in the factory, and more widely used in cement powder, fly ash and other materials of thermal power plant.

Pneumatic conveying system material seal pump is a low-pressure dilute phase conveying method, which adopts high-speed air injection to transport powder. It has low investment, fault-free, low maintenance cost, and the conveying distance is within 400 meters and the height is 60 meters. As the powder has a certain degree of loose and fluidity, the pneumatic conveying powder is adopted, and the sealing pipeline is used for conveying. The conveying pipeline can be arranged according to the specific topography, with no blockage or leakage and little wear on the pipeline. It can be said that the pneumatic conveying market is the traffic leader with infinite scenery.

Advantages of pipeline pneumatic transport:

1. The conveying of materials from the seal pump to the hopper can realize automatic conveying and save manpower.

2. It can be transported for a long distance. It can also be transported and unloaded freely through the fork pipe and the intermediate unloading device. A pump can be transported to more than one hopper or one hopper.

3. Due to the use of pipeline transportation, it will not produce dust, high mixing transportation, and small air consumption.

4. When the low pressure is transported at low speed, the material will not generally produce crushing deformation.

5. Materials can be transported through the delivery pump, delivery pipe, supercharger and other devices. The conveying pipe can be constructed along the workshop, which effectively USES the installed area and saves the pipe material.

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