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Innovative research and development makes pneumatic transport equipment more promising

Time:2018-10-30 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

With the rapid development of science and technology in China, the pneumatic conveying market is flourishing. The emergence of pneumatic conveying equipment is in line with the development of The Times. Under the trend of the general situation, the material seal pump has better conveying system reliability. The manufacturer has made great efforts in the design of powder conveying pump equipment, and has made great efforts to make the material sealing pump put into practice in the future pneumatic conveying road.

Pneumatic conveying pump is a new type of pneumatic conveying equipment, powder is specially used to transport cement, raw material, fly ash, a new type of low pressure conveying alumina powder equipment, using high speed air ejector function to transport dry loose materials, the equivalent distance is 450 m, height of 40 m within the scope of effect is ideal, in a complete set of ash conveying system, is expected to pump is the core equipment, thermal power plant, cement industry seal pump feeding material choice, can improve the efficiency of the overall transport, environmental protection enterprise production. Material seal pump is simple in structure and less in operation. It can continuously feed ash and automatically adjust the output of material seal pump to achieve a better effect of collecting and transporting cement.

Pneumatic transport pumps can be used in food, drugs, chemical production, and other equipment links. Zhejiang has become a professional manufacturer of complete equipment, conveying equipment and automatic control of powder engineering. The company attaches great importance to the research and development of science and technology, and has rich experience in the research and application of concentrated phase, dilute phase, negative pressure suction and positive pressure conveying of various powder materials. The main products are pneumatic transport pump, negative pressure pump, fly ash separator, powder transport.. Among them, the pneumatic conveying pump is the leading characteristic product, and has the strong design ability.

In the competitive market, although the safety and environmental protection products are important, the product quality of the enterprise is even more crucial. Our company adheres to the principle of "quality first" and "customer first", develops and produces the products related to high quality pneumatic conveyor, and believes that the future development will be more beautiful.

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