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How to solve the problem that the dust can not be discharged from the pneumatic conveying pump?

Time:2018-10-30 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

First pneumatic conveying pump appear this kind of circumstance also is rare, but once appear, don't worry, the first is to look at the first pneumatic conveying pump operation and equipment is damaged, if you are not based on experience and technical analysis, can directly contact the manufacturer's technicians, with micro letter to send pictures and video to the technician to check the situation, the technician analyzes the reasons and the cause of the problem to the solution, the main pneumatic conveying pump are not discharge problems mainly has a few questions.

1. Material characteristics: high viscosity, high moisture, poor material fluidity.

2. The diameter of feeding pipe is relatively narrow, which affects feeding.

3. Improper Angle match of feeding tube.

4. Too much gas and gas for fluidization. 5. Bunker arch


1. Select appropriate feeding method according to material characteristics.

2. Increase the diameter of ash falling pipe.

3. Increase feeding Angle.

4. Adjust the air transfer pump.

5. Add the broken arch device.

Encountered pneumatic conveying pump failure can contact the technician, in general, we all can be solved through the telephone communication, we settled through video, unsettled, or your company will send technicians to solve the user site, many users choose telephone communication to help solve, convenient and quick, manufacturer to send need time so many people choose to help solve the past will hold up production, combined the most effective solution, welcome all customers to choose the right pneumatic conveying to contact us.

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