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Ultrasonic system

   Product description

   Ultrasonic descaling antiscale equipment mainly using ultrasonic’s "cavitation effect", "chemical" effect, "shear" effect and "artificial" effect, make stronger sound field processing fluid. Let the dirty material in the fluid under the effect of ultrasonic field, its physical and chemical properties begin a series of change, make them dispersion, grinding, loose and not easy adherent the wall to formation the fouling.

   Under the action of acoustic antiscale devices there are two effects:
First, the old fouling in the tube can constantly peeling;
Second, some hardness salt in the water will generate pasty precipitation. Descaling and fouling formation will become a dynamic balance.
   Ultrasonic system can effectively prevent the sedimentation and wall sticking phenomenon in the pulp conveying process, reduce the using frequency of pigging system, improve the security.