battery equipment

Batch type lithium battery automatic batching system

   Lithium-ion battery fully automatic batching system is designed by our company, which is based on industry needs. It is a intelligent production system designed for fully automatic batching and feeding of raw materials. The system consists of metering system, powder feeding and conveying system, computer control system, materials storage and buffer tank system. The entire system adopts automatic transmission and measurement, imported high-precision weighing modules and instrument, measurement accuracy reaches two thousandths, greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of ingredients, and more effectively prevent materials from the air, to prevent the deterioration of materials, improves the environment in production workshop.

System features:

    1.Using central control system to make the whole material feeding system and mixing equipment, can produce automatically.

    2.Importing high-precision weighing modules and instrument, which can guarantee the products’ quality.

    3.Using pipe to transport powder, which solving dust problems and improving the workshop production environment. 

    4.Using two-way deironing and filtering equipment, which could realize stock transportation without interruption under the guarantee of the products’ quality.

    5.Using ultrasonic and ball cleaning system, which cloud ensure the small pipeline smoothly.

     6.Using pigging system, which cloud ensure the big pipeline smoothly.