battery equipment

Continuous automatic mixing and conveying system for lithium battery

    There are many problem in the traditional lithium battery batching system ,such as a large area and a lot of mixers needed to ensure the continuous feeding.In order to meet the new needs of the market,our company has developed a continuous mixing as the core of the new lithium battery batching system.

    The system is composed of metering bucket,weighing and conveying system,storage tank,transfer tank,feeding machine ,booster pump,nanometer filter,auxiliary equipment and central control system.Positive and negative electrode of lithium raw materials (powder and liquid) through accurate metering system automatic continuous conveying double screw continuous mixer,double screw continuous mixer complete mixer,dispersing and grinding,vacuum forming slurry and then paste continuously from the double screw continuous mixer output into production process.

  System features:

 1.    It has high production efficiency , suitable for mass production, production can be designed according to the requirements;

 2.   It has high automation level, low labour intensity;

 3.   It eliminates the material directly exposed to air, it has good dispersity and uniformity. 

 4.  It has low level loss of materials and energy.

 5.Using pipe to transport powder, which solving dust problems and improving the workshop production environment.

 6.Less land occupation.