battery equipment

twin screw continuous mixer

    The working section of the twin screw continuous mixer is divided into the powder feeding section, the powder mixing section, the liquid feeding section, the dispersed / homogeneous section, the defoaming section and the pressurizing discharge section.

    The feeding mode of the twin screw mixing system is designed by hunger feeding design. Therefore, we can strictly control the dwell time, the filling degree and the energy consumption. The main function of the feeding section of the twin-screw mixing system is to feed the main material and carry out the material.

    The main work of the powder mixing section is to premix the powder material. Usually this section will use big lead screw component, reduce the powder material in the area of the filling degree, to provide space for the premixing.

    The main work of the liquid feeding section is to inject the solvent into the twin screw continuous mixer. Mixing powder material and liquid material. 

    The main work of the dispersion / homogenizing section is to disperse and homogenize the mixed material, usually need four to six sets of meshing blocks. The meshing blocks using centralized manner or decentralized manner. Under normal circumstances, the manner of the meshing blocks in this section is mostly the meshing block - thread - meshing block arrangement. In this way, it is possible to reduce the particle size caused by the excessive shearing, and the decentralized manner of the meshing blocks is also beneficial to avoid the occurrence of the high shear stress zone and reduce the energy consumption. Due to the friction of the equipment running will produce heat, it need cooling in this section.

   The main work of pressurization discharging period is to establish a stable pressure area, make final preparations for extrusion of the product materials from the twin-screw extruder. It is the way to gradually improve the compression ratio.