Container loading / unloading

20FT Container Continuous Loading/Unloading Equipment

Type: XL/ZL-20C-1

Specifications: Only for 20FT containers


* Only for 20FT containers loading/unloading operation.

* Especially suitable for loading/unloading bulk-cargo. 


* High efficiency. 

 The most increased loading/unloading efficiency with one hoisting machines 

 and two tilters. 

* Automatic loading/unloading solution with high operational cost efficiency. 

* Easy,safety,actual and cost-effective. The whole operation only needs 1 person.

* High handling capacity.With two loading stations the continuous 

 loading/unloading operation is realized.

* High space efficiency with compact design and proper layout. 

* High productivity. 

 Loading/Unloading operation and hoisting operation can be carried out at the same 


* Safety and damage free. 


* Automatic

* Remote control