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GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd Marketing Introduction

Time:2018-04-12 Author: GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd

GUANGONG FLOW CO.,Ltd Marketing Introduction

Marketing model: The company's marketing model adopts the project's overall solution to the bill, direct sales, and standardized equipment and spare parts channel distribution. The former provides one-stop design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and technical support for a full range of products and services for new projects. The latter is mainly aimed at the upgrading of smaller old processes, as well as the maintenance of consumables and accessories market, providing standardized single equipment, spare parts and necessary technical support.

Source of profit: The company's profit mainly comes from product sales and after-sales technical support, as well as the sale of key spare parts. Bulk material loading and unloading is inevitable for equipment wear. Consumable parts sales in mature markets will bring continuous cash flow. . The initial profits will mainly come from custom projects because they include high value-added engineering design and technical output services. The

Continuing profit: The company's continued profitability mainly comes from the extension of key technologies. Because the pneumatic conveying technology is divided into three categories: dilute phase, semi-dense phase, and dense phase, the key technologies and spare parts are also quite different, aiming at different conveying materials. Also need to adjust the product material, size and combination, so in the application industry, there are many possibilities for extension, because its core value of environmental protection and high efficiency is necessary in all industries, as long as it can be solved at the application level. As for the adaptability problem, the project's continued profitability is quite strong.

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