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Automated information or into sludge treatment equipment highlights

Time:2017-03-16 Author:GUANGONG FLOW CO, .LTD

  As early as a few years ago, the sludge filter press is relatively unfamiliar to most people, and in recent years, you can search the island from the Internet filter press a variety of information, large and small sludge treatment equipment manufacturers Emerges. But the quality of sludge treatment equipment uneven, there are also large differences in sludge treatment level. Zhengzhou heyday as the sludge processing industry veteran enterprises to control the market and experience to predict the future of automation of information technology sludge treatment equipment into the industry competition point.

  Most of the traditional sludge treatment equipment for the sludge filter press, centrifuge, etc., there is a more significant drawbacks: sludge treatment efficiency is low, low degree of automation, information technology equipment is rare. Both in the domestic large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants, sludge disposal works, automatic control system is also very rare, and other industries far from the technical level. High degree of automation, low manual operation, high efficiency of sludge treatment, and the scarcity of sludge treatment equipment for informative operation management, and also has a very large potential market.

  Zhengzhou Dingsheng to improve the efficiency of sludge treatment equipment, intelligent, automated operation carried out in-depth study, launched a fully automatic super-sludge drying machine, and in the entire sludge disposal project construction, the use of "intellectual multi-star" remote butler service System, is China's first information technology sludge treatment project.

  Automated information or into sludge treatment equipment highlights

  Automated information or into sludge treatment equipment highlights

  Chi multi-satellite control system

  "Chi multi-star" because it can be remote, the overall control of sludge treatment, the sludge treatment in real time, the amount of sludge treatment, processing speed can be timely control, once the accident can be found early to solve, and thus significantly reduce the equipment failure rate.

  The automatic super-sludge dry press cooperates with the "multi-star" control system to improve the sludge treatment efficiency, reduce the personnel control, reduce the redundant operation, unnecessary work, so that the number of sludge treatment equipment, energy consumption and other factors the same Conditions, the sludge treatment project production increased 2-3 times.

  In today's highly expensive human resources, sludge processing can reduce the number of operational staff by half, effectively reducing human input. The increase in sludge treatment efficiency also reduces the operating costs of sludge treatment.

  For large-scale sludge treatment project, management is a system, cumbersome thing. The information technology sludge treatment system is a good solution to this problem, the liberation of the boss, improve the management level, so that sludge treatment becomes simplified and efficient. These advantages have been in Zhengzhou heyday of sludge treatment customers in the show.

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